Is the specialist in the field of teaching (language) skills that foreign (young) adults need to live and work in the Netherlands. Our team consists of enthusiastic, committed and experienced language trainers with years of experience.

Through interactive lessons (customized) that are completed online through self-study, in combination with lessons with a teacher, DEF@ctO nl E.E. creates a safe learning environment in which students practice and put language skills into practice.

What makes DEF@ctO different from other language courses?

Our years of experience as language teachers and experience in developing teaching materials.

Language learning is an individual matter: we deploy the language coach where it is really needed. For example: students can learn words on their own - they do not need the guidance of a language coach. Pronunciation and sentences do require the guidance of a language coach.

The lessons in our course are offered online and contain a lot of video material, audio material and many exercises. These are structured within themed lessons and students work through them independently. The learning environment is very attractive.

After 2 theme lessons comes the lesson with the teacher each time. These lessons focus on speaking and the recently practiced material. The themes and newly learned skills are practiced with the language coach. The language coach keeps the student on track and makes adjustments where necessary.

The language coach monitors the lessons made by the course participants online. This way, the language coach knows what the student needs in the contact lesson.

The pace is set by the course participants. At the start of the course, the number of lessons per week is agreed upon.

We are happy to explore with you the possibilities of teaching your (future) foreign-language employees Dutch. For a free consultation or more information: please see our contact details:

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