Dutch Language and Culture Education

From the moment the NOB curriculum was presented by the NOB, we set to work designing a curriculum for the entire curriculum. Following the curriculum, we designed a curriculum for it.


Our approach

What is unique about this curriculum is not only that it is based on the NTC curriculum, but also that it is school-wide. Each group/stage works on the same goal at the same time, whenever possible, at their own level. And it is completely tailored to the learning needs of the student population of NTC schools.

We converted goals into I-goals and started designing lessons from those goals. Each lesson comes with a teacher worksheet, which contains the goal, a short lesson description and supplemented with exercise material, lesson ideas and didactic methods. Homework is also listed on the lesson sheet. The (instructional) lesson is taught from LessonUp (www.lessonup.com). In addition to the lesson with the lesson sheet, explanation sheets, word cards and worksheets have also been developed to be attached to the lessons.

By immediately applying the lessons ourselves in daily practice at our own NTC schools, we were able to immediately test what works and what needs to be adjusted.

We will run a pilot until the end of the school year, if you are interested please contact us.



Our entire curriculum (currently Phase 3 (Group 3 pilot, Group 4), Phase 4 (Group 5/6 and Phase 5 (Group 7/8) is on the LessonUp platform. With a teacher account and purchase of our curriculum, you can access the program. The beauty of this program is that the teacher can add unlimited students at no additional cost. You can take a look at our demo lessons: Lessons from channel NTC Def@cto - LessonUp


Worksheets, explanation sheets and word cards

Worksheets, explanation sheets and word cards are available for several lessons. These have been developed by the DEF@ctO team and can be purchased as a separate package.



The practice program we have chosen for phases 4 and 5 is Slimleren (www.slimleren.nl). The teacher lesson sheets state exactly which assignments match the instruction offered. There are also exercises at different levels so that differentiation is possible.


Phase 3 Group 3

For group 3 we still use Veilig Leren Lezen. The teaching of learning to read has been well thought out for years, so we have made the choice to stick to that curriculum. These lessons are now used as a pilot and within the lessons reference is made to Veilig Leren Lezen.


Phase 3 Group 4

For this phase, the lessons of language, spelling and verb spelling are available.


Phase 4 and 5

Within this phase, most of the lessons are differentiated, making it easy to use the lessons with a combination group. But even with a heterogeneous group the lessons can still be used. Language, spelling and verb spelling are also available for this phase.


Phase 6

For phase 6 we have developed programs for VO1, VO2 and VO3.



In four years we have already achieved a tremendous amount through the common ambition: an integrated learning line that provides meaningful education for our students. The pilot with several schools proved successful. On our planning is to start working on the other domains of the learning line in the coming year.

This coming school year, part of the curriculum will already be available to schools. We then sell the curriculum materials to (NTC) schools but do not offer these lessons ourselves (online). Also schools with language weak students or NT2 students can contact us to purchase the lessons.

We would like to keep you informed of further developments and will provide you with a timely update.


More questions? Feel free to email us: info@defacto.nl or sign up for our newsletter!


Team DEF@ctO nl E.E.